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About me

This is Xinjie Yin. I come from Shanghai, China and is now based in LA. I have two-year study in design at Shanghai Normal University. I got my BA at University of La Verne, majoring in studio art; and I got my MFA at Claremont Graduate University. During the process of discovering myself in my art, I have determined that I use cuteness to express my worldview, values, and experiences. Cuteness is my own philosophy, and it is my own language to communicate with other people through my works. Cuteness is a moment of power that can bring people back to their original simplicity no matter how old they are or who they are. I am borrowing the language of design to the world of fine art. I am not creating my character for commercial value but for emotion expression. Both my characters and sculptures are alive, possessing sensibility and intelligence for they are the work of a female young artist, and not a robot or a machine.

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